Getting Started with Microsoft Power Automate Platform

Getting Started with Microsoft Power Automate Platform

Feb 5, 2023ยท

1 min read

Hello People !!!

I am very much delighted to share this article on how to set up a Microsoft Power Automate on a user system. I just require 5 simple steps and you are ready for using the Microsoft Power Automate Platform.

Steps for Power Automate Platform Setup:

1. Open any browser and visit the below link:

2. Create an account by using a work or personal email address.

3. Using a personal email address will only allow using basic features, so it is recommended to use a business account.

4. Another trick is to create a temporary business account by using different temporary email sites.

5. While creating an account, enter the basic user details, also you will receive a verification code from Microsoft on your temporary email, just enter the code and you will land on the #PowerAutomate home page. You can start creating your #RPA solution in Microsoft Power Automate.

I hope this #blog will help users to get started using Microsoft Power Automate. ๐Ÿ™‚